Bohuslän Master theisis


Exhibited at:

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014 - Greenhouse

Mint Shop gallery, London Design Festival 2014 - Cabinets of Curiosity (sponsored by Svensk Form and the Swedish Institute)

Artipelag, Stockholm summer of 2013 - Ett, två, trä!

Konstfack spring exhibition 2013 - Master exhibition


The cabinet is made from pine wood treated with limestone and scrubbed with linseed oil soap. The limestone frets away the lignine in the wood so the wood won't become yellow over time. It is an sustainable old method mainly used for floors. The doors and drawers are sand blastered which brings out the woods natural ornaments. The limestone and the sand blaster has the same effect on the wood as the sea has on drift wood. The crown of the cabinet, a somewhat forgotten detail on cabinets today, is CNC-milled.


During the rustic socity, people often opened the proud cabinet when having guests so everyone could see their precious belongings stored there. Therefore the inside often had a pattern och color, such as the exclusive Parisian blue. Bohuslän has a patterned inisde inspired by folkloreistic painting from Bohuslän on a Parisian blue base.


Bohuslän is my homage to the sustainable way rural people relate to things and their joyful and expressive form language.


Photographer: Matilda Hunyadi & Ásdís Ándersdòttír

Art Director, Photo editor & Stylist: Matilda Hunyadi

Cabinet is built by: Matilda Hunyadi

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