Check for Sagaform


Exhibited at:

Sagaform at FORMEX 2015


Designed together with Petra Wester Norgren. Launched fall of 2015.


Soft harmonic curves with a hint of aerodynamic functionalism, meets colorful circus where a small twist reminds you of the designer behind the form. In the meeting between the elegant and the playful we find an interesting tension that resulted in the collection Check.


Cheese stored in plastic bags or messy butter packagings will not give you an inviting fridge. Disposable packagings are also a less sustainable alternative. Check Serving Dome is designed to fit a variety of cheeses, both round and squared. It will also fit some extra vegetables to garnish your sandwich, or why not a few smaller cheeses. This way, Check becomes an excellent delicacy plate to have ready in the fridge. Check Butter Dish is perfect for 250 grams of butter and provides a far better serving option than the messy original packaging.


Photo: Sagaform

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